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Protective Clothing: On The Use of Protective Apparel And Other Equipment


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Workers who are set to work in hazardous places with hazardous materials ought to be protected. Those of them who are tasked to do the dirty work deserve to be provided with the right protective equipment as well as apparel by the company or organization they work for. This falls under the necessity of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Personal Protective Equipment

Basically, PPE refers to protective equipment such as protective apparel, goggles, helmets, and other protective accessories that provides the person protection from possible injury or infection. The common dangers covered by these protective equipment include heat, chemicals, electrical, physical, and other matters.

The main purpose of employing protective equipment is to reduce the employee’s risk to danger whenever the situation they are placed in is hazardous. This is an essential part to hazardous jobs for the lack of it might result to minor and major injuries of the employees.

Protective Apparel and Equipment

There are a couple of factors every company needs to consider when deciding for the protective equipment for their staff. With that, we have compiled several tips that may be useful for companies in making decisions when it comes to PPE.

Identification of the hazards

The very first step companies should take when it comes to decisions regarding the use protective equipment is workplace evaluation. Here, the hazardous elements or the dangers of the workplace is determined. Common sense dictates that we must first know what we are protecting ourselves from before deciding which protective equipment we should be using.

Once the risks and dangers have been identified, companies are now ready to look into the equipment that would be necessary for the situation.

Choosing the apparel material

One of the most important elements of the protective equipment is the protective apparel. This apparel is not only for fashion purposes; it is what would serve as the overall protection of majority of the parts of your body. Hence, its material must be chosen very wisely.

The general rule is that the protective apparel and equipment must use a material that is impermeable; however, this is quite inaccurate. It is, therefore, important to know the breakthrough time as well as the degradation measure of the materials that are to be used.

Tyvek clothing is the most common protective apparel used by companies all over the world.

the importance of ppe

Knowing the limitations of the PPE

As mentioned above, it is essential to know the breakthrough time as well as the measurement of degradation of the materials used for protection. Simply put, the limitations of the protective equipment must be known so as to ensure that the user would not go beyond the set boundaries.

Knowing the effects of not using PPE

It is also important to know the effects of the non-use of the protective equipment. If protective gloves are not used, what is expected to happen? If there are no goggles or protective apparel, what will the employee experience? It is important to know the answers of these things so as to know and prepare for the consequences in case of any emergencies.

Testing the protective materials

Very importantly, the protective materials must also be tested in the actual workplace. Some protective equipment might not work; hence, a test is necessary to determine if it is a go or no-go material.


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Tips On Successfully Starting An Apparel Business

business for hipster fashion

It’s always good to start a business that you love. You just really have to make sure the business loves you back. As you know, startup businesses are quite challenging since there are so many factors to consider such as your branding strategy, your financial limits, partnerships, etc. Still, you should not allow these challenges to pull you down because truth be told, you’ll eventually get through it.

Today, small businesses, online and offline, are sprouting like mushrooms and that is probably because, there are more people to cater since companies now have easy access to prospective clients from all parts of the world; thanks to technology.

Apparel Business

One type of business that is common nowadays is a clothing line or an apparel business; this type of business usually clicks for as long as you tread through it carefully. If you’re planning to start one or if you have already started one, then you’re on the right place; Skinny Hipster is happy to provide you with tips useful in starting business in the fashion industry.

Tips For Business

  • Know the industry

Before completely diving into this sort of business, you must exert effort in getting to know this industry. Look into how this industry works, what business owners need to prepare for in this industry, what to expect from this industry, etc. A simple research can go a long way.

  • Know your target market

Know which market you want to cater to; for instance, you may cater to female adults in the corporate world or you may cater casual clothes for little kids. The most important part is setting your parameters. It is important for you to set out who your clients would be so as to focus on them and serve their needs. Otherwise, you might end up selling products which are really not suitable for anyone.

  • Know your competitors

Study your competitors and their strategies; take note of their techniques and from that, you can easily come up with ideas as to how to handle your business.

tips for apparel business

  • Know the finances

Always take note of the finances. Know the estimated costs of services (production, promotion, etc.) and do the necessary calculations just so you would be able to keep on track of the financial status of the business.

  • Know your unique selling point

It’s very important for you to have a USP as well as a competitive advantage; you can do this by incorporating something unique and new to your products. For the sake of an example, your clothing line could be known as the one which uses colorful Tyvek hang tags (thus, you’ll have to invest in Doranix Tyvek ready printers to ensure this USP). Of course, this may entail a lot of brainstorming and experiments before actually finding something that works.

  • Look into marketing strategies

Do not be cheap about marketing; invest in it. Marketing plays an essential role in making your business known to the world. In reality, marketing has a big say on the increase or decrease of your sales. Hence, explore digital marketing strategies for that seems to be the most effective option today.