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Signs and Symptoms of Low-T Every Men Should Know About

It is taught in grade school and higher education that testosterone is the primary sex hormone. Adolescence among boys is the phase wherein the production of this hormone is at its peak. It is the reason behind the abrupt body changes when a boy undergoes puberty, such as hair growth, muscle development, and a deeper voice.

Unfortunately, testosterone in men does not remain at the same level during puberty.

Low testosterone (low-T) is a common condition among elderly men. It is one of the several side-effects of aging. As men reach the age of 30, their testosterone production starts to decline. And once it drops at a significant level, the condition is called low-t. Slowly the effects of low testosterone production will appear, and worst, it could affect the productivity and functionality of a person. 

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Low-T? 

Low-t affects several body functions. Below are signs and symptoms of this condition in males that you must learn.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction

ED is the inability to maintain erections during sexual activities. It is the testosterone that stimulates the penile tissues that result in an erection. Thus, the low production of this male hormone causes problems in staying erect or difficulty in getting one.

Although ED is a significant symptom of low-t, other factors can also contribute to this condition. Examples of it are smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, stress, low thyroid function, and excessive alcohol consumption.

  1. Loss of Muscle Mass

Testosterone is responsible for building muscles. Notice that most bodybuilders use testosterone booster supplements to increase their hormone production and help them develop muscles faster.

Reduced production of testosterone can result in a significant loss of muscle mass. It also deteriorates muscle strength and function.

  1. Testicle Size

Low-t can lead to a reduction in testicle size. Moreover, the scrotum is softer than usual. If you notice such changes, especially when it is not temperature related, chances are you are suffering from low-t.

  1. Reduced Semen Production

Testosterone stimulates the production of semen. When under low-t, the semen levels in men also diminish. And, if the semen level continues to drop, it can lead to a more serious problem, which is infertility.

  1. Sleep Apnea

Difficulty in sleeping is a common symptom of low-t; likewise, low testosterone consequences sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder that results in temporary stopping of breathing.

  1. Increased Body Fat

Low-t can lead to sudden weight gain and an increase in body fat. Also, there are cases wherein men with low experience of breast enlargement.

 Mood Swings

Low testosterone contributes to mood swings in men. Additionally, it can result in a lack of focus, stress, and irritability.

The above symptoms of low-t are enough reasons why you must undergo quick treatment. And, one effective method of treating this condition is testosterone replacement.

There are telemedicine platforms that might be good to buy testosterone. But make sure they are 100% legit and authorized to sell the hormone. Also, only choose a service provider that offers consultation with a medical professional.

If you are wary of using an online testosterone replacement therapy provider, go to your doctor for advice.

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